glass repair vs glass replacement

Glass Repair vs. Glass Replacement: Which Service Do You Need?

glass repair vs glass replacement

Sometimes when a glass piece or structure in your home you consider important gets broken, cracked, or chipped, you may find it difficult to let go of it. It may be something you spent a substantial amount on to install or have sentimental value. You will try to exhaust all efforts to restore the item to save it. While a few glass damage can be solved through repair, most require glass replacement as a permanent solution to completely restore the glass condition and prevent more serious consequences with damaged glass.

Considerations in Glass Replacement

Safety should be the foremost consideration in a glass replacement. Addressing glass problems with a replacement glass can go a long way in maintaining the safe performance and longevity of service of your glass structures such as windows, doors, and railings.

Energy efficiency is another good reason to want to replace the glass. Under-performing windows and doors reduce the energy efficiency in your home. They result in a massive loss of money going out through the window or door. Very obsolete windows have to be replaced with modern double or triple glazed designs with 5-9 R values. Energy-efficient windows can save 22% on your annual heating and cooling costs. For exterior doors, it pays to go for a low U-factor that ranges from 0.00-2.00. The lower the U-factor, the better the door keeps in heat.

Other reasons that warrant a replacement of glass or your windows/doors include:

  • Improper locking or closing of the window or door
  • Out-of-date style
  • Doesn’t fit the architecture of your home
  • Cracks, chips, or discoloration
  • Drafty or leaking
  • More than 15 years old and already shows signs of wear and tear

Glass Repair or Replacement?

In some cases when the glass in the structure such as windows and doors get damaged without affecting the frames, replacement glass may be all that’s needed. You don’t need to replace the frames, which can let you save a substantial amount of money compared to if you have to replace the complete units. Replacement glass is also the solution when you just want to update glass for a better appearance and function. In situations when the frames holding the glass are old and damaged, installing replacement glass will not give you the improved look you desire. In such cases, to update glass without considering upgrading the frames may be a waste of investment.

Some glass damage may be repaired even on your own if you have the time, skill, and patience. However, other glass pieces are too delicate, valuable, or complicated. Large or delicate jobs such as broken or shattered windows and cracked door should be handled by a professional glass repair shop and staff with the required skill, experience, and equipment.

You can take temporary safety measures to keep the cracked glass from spreading but temporary fixes won’t last forever. Eventually, it will need to be replaced. The extent of the glass damage and the condition of your glass windows, doors, railings, etc. will tell you whether you need a repair or replacement.

Cracked Glass

One of the common conditions that will justify glass replacement is cracked glass. Here are the most important things to know about cracked glass:

  • You can stabilize and slow the spread of a glass crack but eventually, the glass will have to be replaced for safety reasons.
  • A cracked glass greatly compromises your safety including those of your guests. It is best to have an expert replace the affected glass as soon as possible.
  • Using tempered glass can lessen the danger of broken glass. Rather than repairing just the crack, consider replacing the pane with tempered glass to keep you safe in the future.
  • Remember that fixes are only temporary because once the glass is cracked, the crack will spread. You can’t stop the crack from spreading.

Glass Replacement Near Me

Replacing window glass can be a difficult and time-consuming process. In our more than 25 years in the glass industry, we at New Town Glass have experienced all types of situations that needed immediate glass replacement. No matter how homeowners try to save their glass structure by having them fixed, repair simply wouldn’t suffice; a permanent solution through glass replacement becomes inevitable.

We normally recommend our customers to replace or update glass that:

  • is broken and has created a safety hazard.
  • is broken and no longer encased within its frame.
  • has a crack that has broken the seal in a double-pane window.


So, if you are constantly asking yourself “Where can I find a glass replacement near me?”, you need not go far. New Town Glass is the Kelowna glass company you can go to for your glass replacement and other glass services. Being glass experts, we can guide you in determining whether your glass windows, doors, and other household glass items can be repaired or need replacement. We serve the areas of Kelowna and surrounding areas including West Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Summerland, Lake Country, and Peachland in the Okanagan Valley. Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation and estimate.

glass cubicle for offices

Advantages of Installing Glass Cubicle in Offices and Buildings

glass cubicle for offices

There are strong arguments for and against a fully closed office. Companies and organizations that favor walled offices in their buildings believe this setup promotes personnel privacy that leads to better productivity and creativity among employees. However, those that support the ‘open door policy’ are opposed to the idea and maintain that in a walled office, the staff tends to keep things to themselves and fail to collaborate with their peers for ideas. Both sides raise valid points.

A glass office or glass cubicle can consider both those concerns. The glass walls in a glass office are like a middle-of-the-road solution that addresses the issues. With its transparent and acoustic features, office glass offers many benefits including privacy while promoting openness and collaboration at work.

The benefits you get from a glass cubicle far outweigh any disadvantages it may have.

Improved Productivity

Installing glass partitions to create glass cubicles in offices or buildings enhances productivity among the workforce. In a glass cubicle, clear glass walls avoid disturbances and distractions from co-employees while creating a lively and interactive ambiance. The glass walls allow employees to see each other fostering communication. Installed office glass also discourages employee laziness while encouraging accountability, which both contribute to higher levels of productivity.

Improved Acoustics

Glass walls are somewhat soundproof helping to reduce noise pollution in the office. Distractions are minimised and the employee can focus better on his or her job. The tranquil atmosphere stimulates the staff’s productivity; creativity flourishes.


One of the biggest advantages of a glass cubicle is the amount of flexibility it offers. Depending on your company’s needs and circumstances, you can always create a glass office to alter your layout. When you need extra space or want to add a segment in the office, a glass cubicle will be a convenient and practical solution. Glass walls are easy to install and just as easy to remove when you need to. You have the flexibility to move the office glass to another location from time to time. You can rapidly reconfigure your space in response to client needs and requests.

Easy Maintenance

A glass office is easy to maintain. Wiping down the office glass quickly with a window cleaning solution is all it takes to give it a fresh and clean shine. For treated glass panels, it is advisable to clean them using a microfiber cloth. Unlike other office wall materials, glass walls do not need repainting or coating to maintain.

Improved Lighting

Lack of lighting in offices often results in employees’ low workplace energy and even fatigue. You can improve the lighting in your office through a layout that can let sufficient natural light in. Office glass, being transparent, improves lighting and effectively lessens the need for electric lighting, especially during the day.

Energy Efficiency

With the glass cubicle, the amount of energy you consume is minimised saving you a substantial amount of money. Your energy efficiency helps significantly in reducing your company’s carbon footprint, which is a boost to the environment.


Privacy issues being raised against installing glass offices can be addressed using frosted glass, etched designed glass, or lightly tinted glass. With these options, you get just as much natural light as any other type of glass and the same open plan feel, without compromising privacy. Phone conversations remain confidential as staff keeps their focus. Glass partitions are getting more popular with the increased number of options when it comes to design that can effectively address concerns on privacy.

Aesthetic Value

Office glass is elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful providing a corporate look and feel to the office. Gleaming glass walls suggest a lot of positive things to your clients. Aesthetically pleasing, they reflect professionalism, honesty, modernity, and progress. In these times when the competition is tougher and winning customers gets more difficult, it pays to have an impressive office that can help win clients.


The use of glass walls is the most versatile partitioning option. The correct type and standard of glass thickness for your glass office partition can withstand the wear and tear of daily office use. With proper care and maintenance, your office partitions can look pristine and last for a much longer time than traditional walls. They can be serviceable for many years.

Low-Cost Remodeling

Glass is a cost-effective option than traditional walls when you want office remodeling. The material cost is reasonable aside from having the ability to dismantle the partitions and use them for other future layouts where you will just need minimal investment. You can even take the partitions with you when you move. The flexibility of office cubicles is one of the biggest financial gains you can get from its use.

The advantages offered by glass partitions could make all the difference to your long-term profitability. It offers a cost-effective solution, with significant advantages over traditional office walls. They improve productivity, flexibility, efficiency, aesthetics, and a high-quality corporate image.

Consider glass office a solution for your company. New Town Glass can help you install it for you. We are glass experts with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We have helped many companies achieve cost efficiency and other benefits with the glass cubicles we have built for them. Call us for your glass office and commercial storefront needs.

glass company in Kelowna

The Importance of Choosing a Trusted Glass Company for Your Renovation Needs

glass company in Kelowna

Choosing the glass company to work with is as important as knowing the style of glass product you want to be installed for your home renovation. If you want a replacement for your glass windows, glass railings, glass shower, or glass patio door, you shouldn’t only be interested in how you want the glass structures to look. You should also be concerned with how they will be installed. A glass installation for your home that has been shabbily carried out may not function as you expect, can be a cause of a safety hazard, and altogether a waste of a substantial investment.

Quality installation is made possible by a professional glass company that will expertly execute your home improvement project. It pays to assign your renovation project to a trusted glass company. You should spend some time doing proper research to identify the responsible supplier that you can rely on for your home’s safety, comfort, and aesthetic improvement.

Choosing a Trusted Glass Company

Who is a glass company you can trust? Many years of experience and being in the glass business can be an indicator of a company’s dependability. The company’s track record of successful project completion will tell you that they are experienced and knowledgeable. With their years in the glass business, they should know how to address your glass needs and requirements. You could expect them to have the technical skills to be able to provide sound advice on your concerns such as style and design.

You can trust a glass company that is abreast of modern installation techniques and uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment. The wide options of glass materials for different applications that they offer effectively make them a one-stop glass store or glass shop. You can rely on that a trusted company demonstrates exceptional customer service. Their glass business is characterised by great customer support. They can render assistance during emergencies when you need them such as when your glass installation is shattered in an accident or by a strong storm.

How to Determine if a Glass Shop Can be Trusted

Doing your homework and researching data on glass companies in your area will pay off greatly.

Get the following information on the glass company, glass shop, or glass store, which could also be the criteria to test them against in making your final selection:

  • Number of years experience in the glass business, which will give you an indication of how good they are in their trade
  • Technical capability or the knowledge and skills in glass installation
  • Tools, equipment, and process employed in the installation
  • Availability of many glass options to choose from
  • Customer service practices such as number of service day and time, availability of a quick-response team, and call response time
  • Quality of installation

You can get the information you need through:

  • Asking friends and neighbors who have had a glass project done by a glass company and their experience with the said service provider
  • An internet search about the glass store or glass shop
  • Reading online reviews about the supplier
  • Checking previous work, if possible personally seeing for yourself the result of the company’s projects

Speak with their staff about any questions you might have before making the final decision.

Validating a Glass Company’s Worthiness

When you have a shortlist of the most likely candidate companies you prefer to work with for your renovation project, you can probe a little more as a way to validate your initial results. In your discussion with the prospective glass company, ask to check for the following:

  • Their glass options available should be wide for you to be able to make a good selection
  • The source of their glass must be established quality glass manufacturers
  • Procurement and installation process to ensure quality materials and job
  • Proof of licensing to meet the city’s legal standards
  • Credentials of their staff including qualifications, experience, and knowledge
  • Track record of performance including the number of successfully completed projects
  • Their quote must be competitive compared to others.

Trusted Glass Company in Kelowna

New Town Glass is a professional glass company that has been in the glass business for over 25 years. We have established ourselves as a leader in the installation of glass windows, doors, shower enclosures, railings, and many other home structures made of glass. We have transformed hundreds of Kelowna homes to become modern valuable properties through our renovation projects.

Our glass installers are some of the most qualified staff in the industry. Along with their strong technical competency in glass installation and home remodeling gained from many years of hands-on experience, they provide outstanding customer service. Friendly and professional, they are licensed and insured. They are abreast of modern glass technology and installation techniques regularly undergoing specialised advanced training so they can more efficiently execute new installations and glass replacement.

We offer a wide range of quality glass products and design options that suit your home’s style and your taste. We expertly carry out renovation projects using state-of-art equipment and tools. Our rates and warranty are among the industry’s best.

We are committed to providing Kelowna homeowners the enjoyment, safety, and aesthetic upgrade they desire for their homes. Call us to know how we can help you and for a no-obligation consultation.

kelowna shower company

How to Find the Best Shower Company in Kelowna

kelowna shower company

Make your daily moment of self-care in your shower one of your day’s highlights. You can make this happen with a shower upgrade. There are many options you can choose from to improve your current shower that you don’t find enjoyment in. Do away with your old shower curtain. A shower remodeling to glass showers can make your shower routine a pleasurable experience every time. The change can transform and modernize your bathroom effectively creating an interesting area that could also be one of the major focal points in your home.

Working with a professional shower company in Kelowna is key in making your idea of a dream shower and bathroom a reality. They can guide you in planning and installing one of the best showers you can imagine. You should therefore spend some time identifying the right shower company to make the most out of your shower investment.

Finding the Right Shower Company

There’ll be quite a few glass service providers that will claim they install the best showers. Verify their claim by gathering information about them to confirm their real capability.

You can begin by asking the prospective Kelowna shower company about the following:

  • How long they have been in the business, particularly working with glass and the approximate number of shower projects they have completed
  • Provide you with references, preferably both old and new customers
  • They will likely give you a few names of customers, who you can call to ask about their experience with the shower company and the results of their job.
  • Whether they are licensed and insured
  • Check their liability insurance and workman’s compensation.
  • Their charges and the items that are included
  • The services they provide
  • Their experience with projects similar to yours
  • Give you a written estimate
  • When your project can be completed
  • Any disruptions to your daily household routine, if any


Check also if the shower company can work directly with your insurance company if yours is a major home glass replacement or repair. It will help bring down costs for you.

After getting all the important information about the prospective companies, you can limit your choice to the best two or three companies and compare them using your selection criteria.

Kelowna Shower Glass Company

If you are a Kelowna homeowner, you should find it easy to consider New Town Glass in your shortlist if not the leading shower company. For over 25 years, we have been in the glass business installing among other structures Kelowna shower glass. We have dealt with hundreds of projects creating the best showers there are in Kelowna and surrounding areas, providing satisfaction to homeowners, and enhancing the value of their property.

We have the best-qualified glass installers in the industry with many years of hands-on experience. Highly technically competent, they provide excellent service and customer experience. They are licensed and fully insured, friendly, and professional. They undergo specialised advanced training to be abreast of modern glass technology and installation techniques.

You have a wide range of quality glass products and design options to choose from to suit your home’s architectural style. We use state-of-art equipment and tools in executing your installation. You can check that the rates and warranty we offer are among the best in the industry.

Agalite Showers from New Town Glass

While we can install both framed and frameless doors for showers, we take pride in offering Agalite showers. They are frameless doors and shower enclosure designs that can bring out the best in your Kelowna shower glass.

We always recommend Agalite showers to let homeowners get the maximum benefits from a frameless door design. Frameless shower doors and enclosures give you the clean uncluttered look that you don’t get with both shower curtain and framed doors. They are convenient to clean and maintain. It is worth noting the tradeoffs with Agalite showers. While they give your bathroom the charm, airiness, and natural clarity of glass, Agalite showers must be installed with the correct design and accurately cut to prevent water from leaking into other areas of the bathroom. Their cost is higher owing to thicker glass and special hardware required to make the door attachment stronger. There are also intricacies involved in the fabrication of custom heavy frameless shower glass doors and enclosures.

If you can live with the tradeoffs, you get more enjoyment from your Kelowna shower glass by choosing a frameless shower door in your design. Frameless glass shower enclosures from our supplier partner Agalite can create changes in your bathroom to make it a more desirable place for relaxation.

We are committed to providing Kelowna homeowners the enjoyment, safety, and aesthetic upgrade they desire for their homes. Call us to know how we can help you and for a no-obligation consultation.

best railing company for glass installations

Railing Installation Guide: Where to Find the Best Railing Company?

best railing company for glass installations

Installing railings whether for your home’s interior or exterior is critical and can be a make or break home improvement project. Railings for your staircase, balcony, porch, deck, or patio have many implications including safety, aesthetic, and functionality. You cannot afford to have your railings designed and installed shabbily lest you suffer the consequences and waste your significant investment. Railings that do not conform to building codes can be safety hazards that cause serious accidents like falls. Railings with designs that are off and are poorly installed can be ugly and will not enhance the appearance of your home. Moreover, they can even degrade your property’s value. Just as importantly, railings that don’t suit the function for which they are intended will not justify your reasons for installing them.

When you realise the important implications of an inferior railings installation, you would be well-advised not to attempt doing a DIY for your railings. While you can easily purchase railing materials you will need from a railing store, it is always a wise decision to let a professional railing company do the technical work of installing your railings.

Types of Railings

You can choose from a few options of railings from a railing store or what the railing company will offer you. There are wood railings, metal railings such as iron, steel, and aluminum railings, stainless steel railings, wire railings, and glass railings. Each of them has its benefits and disadvantages.

Wood railings are inexpensive and can easily be installed. They can last for at least 10 years when maintained properly.

Iron, steel, and aluminum are inexpensive, strong, and can be stylish while easy to maintain.

Wire railings provide for an open design. Their horizontal cable arrangement makes a unique design. Their costs are comparable to those of wood or metal railings but they have the potential to last longer.

Stainless steel railings use stainless steel rails and parts. The rods can be both vertical and horizontal.

Glass panels instead of balusters are used in glass railings. They typically use a strong and safe tempered glass that can be clear, frosted, tinted, or designed.

Considerations in Railing Installation

1. An understanding of the features and benefits, as well as the downsides of using the different types of railings, is important in your choice of the right railings to install to meet your requirements and expectations.

2. In deciding which railings are best, review their safety performance, functionality, maintenance requirements, how their costs satisfy your budget, and the criticality of their application.

3. Before beginning your home improvement project with your railing installation, it is important to check with your local authorities about building code requirements for your area. The interpretation of building codes can vary greatly from city to city so it best to check with your municipality.

4. Follow strictly the municipality codes for staircases and balconies including railing height, and post and baluster spacing.

5. Prioritise accurate measurement, which can mean the difference between secure, attractive, and wobbly railings. Improper measurements can lead to spills and falls.

6. Don’t just purchase any product the railing store recommends. Make sure your railing style suits and complements the design of your home and enhances its value.

7. Test the completed stair or balcony railing. Test the installed railing out with family members or friends. Check that the height is ergonomically correct and the structure is very stable and robust.

8. It is good to have wood, and metal railings painted, stained, or coated to prolong their service life.

10. Trust only expert installers to ensure quality work. Talk to the railing company you have chosen to do the installation for you. Let them know what your requirements and expectations are even before they begin their plan.

Finding the Best Railing Company

When your home is in Kelowna, you can rely on New Town Glass for your railing project. We are experts in glass with over 15 years of experience in glass installation including interior and exterior railings. Aside from glass, we also work with other materials customers prefer for their railings. As a professional railing installation service provider, we use only railings of the highest quality standards, reliability, and performance. We source our railing products primarily from industry leaders – Falcon Railing and Q-Railing.

Falcon Railing and Q-railing are two of the best railing companies you can trust to deliver the highest quality railings. Falcon Railing Mfg. manufactures topless glass railing and aluminum railing systems. Their non-obtrusive topless glass railing design lets you experience the most beautiful and enjoyable view you can ever imagine. Q-Railing offers top-quality glass balustrades and other products for use especially in modular designs including handrails, glass clamps, glass adapters, and many other innovative solutions.

Call New Town Glass for your railings. We can help you upgrade your home with stunningly beautiful indoor railing for your staircase or outdoor railings for your balcony, porch, or patio. We offer a free consultation.

glass shower enclosure for your bathroom

Top Reasons Why You Should Install Glass Shower Enclosure in Your Bathroom

glass shower enclosure for your bathroom

Your shower enclosure can spell the difference between a bathroom with a stunningly great look and a common bathroom like all others. Since the bathroom is one of the major focal points in a home’s features, you should put a lot of attention to your choice of shower enclosure design and its installation.

Avoid shower curtains when you can. They aren’t just old fashioned and ordinary. They also present some disadvantages. They are difficult to clean and maintain. They are messy. When left wet, water can drip on the floor and encourage the growth of mold and the formation of mildew. Opaque shower curtains can also cause a feeling of being claustrophobic to some.

When remodeling your home, using a glass enclosure for your shower can instantly upgrade your bathroom, give it a modern elegant look, and add value to your property. Visual appeal isn’t the only reason you will want to use glass for showers. Installing a glass enclosure for your shower offers many other exciting benefits.

Why You Should Install a Glass Shower Enclosure

1. It promotes sophisticated aesthetic.

The glass enclosure around your shower creates a feeling of more open space compared to a restrictive shower curtain that makes the room feel narrow and confined. The use of glass for showers can immediately transform any bathroom into an elegant area that can become your home’s center of attention from guests.

2. It’s easy to clean.

Cleaning the shower and bathroom can be tedious and unpleasant especially when you have shower curtains or a bathroom that has no shower enclosure. That is not the case when you have a glass shower enclosure installed. Cleaning your shower becomes a breeze. All you need is a squeegee to clean it with preferably followed by a soft cloth for the clearest shine.

3. It prevents water seepage on the floor.

Your bathroom floor is spared from water splash with an enclosure that effectively closes and seals off your shower from the rest of our bathroom. Without water seepage into your tiles not only minimises the cleaning required but can also prevent serious problems over time.

4. Glass can be custom fit for your space.

Aside from the availability of standard shower enclosure designs, you can also have a professional glass service provider customise your panes to fit any specifications. No matter the size and shape of your shower area, the glass enclosure can be designed and cut for your specific needs.

5. Glass offers limitless design options.

Not only can your glass service provider give you a shower enclosure custom fit to your space, but there are also many options for glass, frame, and hardware that can satisfy your taste and complement your bathroom style. You can choose from clear transparent, frosted, tinted, or designed glass options. You can have your glass door framed or frameless. Stylish, durable, and functional hardware is available for you to use.

6. Enjoy high safety standards.

Glass showers are designed for safety. Glass for showers is typically tempered, thick, and safe to use. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass that is not prone to breaking in normal applications such as in glass doors. In the unlikely event it breaks, tempered glass shatters into pellet-like pieces and not into shards that can cause serious injury.

7. It enhances your home’s value.

Investing in an attractive glass shower to replace your old shower curtain or install an enclosure in your open shower is a wise decision. Your investment can go give your bathroom the boost it needs to enhance its visual appeal. Even if you don’t intend to sell your property, the bathroom improvement will provide your home with increased overall value.

Where to Buy Shower Glass

After you are convinced that glass for showers is the way to go in your bathroom upgrade project, you may be asking where to buy shower glass. Glass enclosure for showers is a special glass that should be suitable for the application. Glass panel thickness is generally 1/2”. For a glass door it is typically 3/8” (or a 10 mm equivalent) and 1/2” thickness. The frameless shower normally uses less thick glass than the panel for the panel to be stronger and more stable. Purchase your shower glass only from reputable manufacturers. A professional glass service provider can also let you know where to buy shower glass and even include buying it for you.

When you look for a glass service company that can help you with your glass shower project, contact New Town Glass. We are glass experts with over 15 years of experience with glass structures that include glass shower enclosures. We have helped hundreds of Kelowna homeowners upgrade their bathrooms through our quality glass shower installation. Give us a call at +1 250-801-5259 to find out how we can support your home improvement with our glass design and installation. We offer a free consultation.

benefits of frameless shower door and enclosure

8 Benefits of Installing Frameless Shower Door and Enclosure (and Some Disadvantages)

benefits of frameless shower door and enclosure

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. You spend a significant amount of time in it, especially for your daily shower routine. When installing your shower for the first time or remodeling your bathroom, shower design should be given attention for your maximum benefits and enjoyment. You want to make your shower area unique, space-efficient, and functional.

If you choose a glass shower option, you should first start to determine what the right type of glass shower is for you. There are two major designs you can choose from – frameless shower or framed shower.

Benefits of a Frameless Shower

If you haven’t decided yet whether or not to install frameless shower door and enclosure in your bathroom, here are some of the advantages that can convince you to do so.

1. It offers endless design possibilities.

Frameless showers are customisable and offer far more options in style and size. You are not limited to mass-produced standard sized doors, adding flexibility to your design. Whether yours is a small walk-in shower or an expansive spa shower, a frameless shower can be designed for it. Customisation is one of the biggest advantages of a no-frame shower over a framed shower.

2. It provides significantly more functional doors.

The door in a frameless shower can be opened in and out, unlike a framed shower door that is limited to outward opening.

3. It is relatively easy to clean.

Your frameless shower gives you the motivation to clean your bathroom regularly. Cleaning it is easy. Glass used in the shower is resistant to weathering. You need only to use a squeegee for the glass door and walls before proceeding to clean the floor.

4. The bathroom feels brighter, lighter, and more spacious.

The natural light that a frameless shower reflects gives the appearance of a larger and more expansive bathroom area. The absence of a frame that can cut off your sightlines will let you have a sense that the area is larger. The flow of natural light into your bathroom space can also improve visibility and help make your bathroom look clean and updated.

5. It provides the shower a clean, fresh look.

On a frameless shower, there is no unsightly rubber, metal or other forms of seal you will normally find on bulky looking framed shower.

6. It minimizes mold risks.

Since there are no door seals in a frameless shower door where water and soap can settle, the risk of mold build-up and mildew formation is minimised.

7. It is aesthetically appealing.

For people who go for a modern minimalist design option in their homes, frameless showers are a favorite. They are not as bulky as framed showers and do not have the cluttered look from a shower door with metal or rubber seals. They add a luxurious touch to your home’s overall aesthetic. Frameless shower doors are also classy and have a timeless quality that will be in style for many decades to come.

8. Finally, it increases the value of your property.

The bathroom along with the kitchen are the primary focus of potential home buyers. These two areas can significantly affect the assessment of a home’s value. Having a modern elegant frameless shower can be a great boost when your home is being valuated.

Disadvantages of a Frameless Shower

Even with many benefits from a frameless shower, you need to be aware of its disadvantages as well to guide you in your choice of shower style.

1. It costs more.

The initial cost of a no frame shower can be 4 to 9 times more expensive than its framed counterpart. The significant cost difference comes from the thicker glass used that is required to make the frameless door more stable without the sturdiness of a frame.

10 mm shower glass (or its 3/8” equivalent) and 1/2″ shower glass is typically used for no frame shower designs. 10 mm shower glass is the minimum thickness that can be used for a stable and structural sound glass shower door. Thicker glass is more expensive, the reason 10mm shower glass is a more popular choice among homeowners who prefer a no frame shower.

Another reason for its higher cost is the sturdier hardware required to have frameless shower doors in place such as solid brass.

2. It may sacrifice function.

A no frame shower doesn’t have seals around its door to bind it with the shower wall and floor as leak prevention. When not cut to a perfect fit, there could be gaps between the door and other areas of the shower. This can allow water to leak onto the floor. In some cases, the problem is caused by a wrong design such as the showerhead aimed at the door instead of installing it at a wall away from the door.

3. It offers less privacy.

With transparent glass walls, frameless showers can be a bit revealing especially for families sharing their bathroom space. For a little more privacy, you can opt for a frosted glass that can also offer the same modern open feel.

If you are a homeowner who is looking for impressive and inspiring ways to improve your home, particularly your bathroom, a frameless glass shower is a great solution. You get many benefits with your investment.

To ensure a design that will work best, it is wise to involve as early as possible a professional glass installation service provider. You may call New Town Glass for a free consultation. We are glass experts with over 15 years of experience in the design and installation of glass structures including glass showers and enclosures. We serve Kelowna and surrounding areas.

using glass for interior railings

Should You Use Glass for Stairs and Interior Railings?

using glass for interior railings

Both exterior and interior railings can add significant value to your home with their visual appeal and functionality. While exterior railings are commonly used in decks, balconies, porches, and outdoor patios, interior railings are especially useful in staircases and to allow transition from one area of a home to another.

Types of Interior Railings

There are many types of railings that you can choose from when designing your interior railings for your home space. The most popular types of railings include wood railings, metal railings, wire railings, stainless steel railings, and glass railings.

Wood Railings

Wood railings are a popular choice among DIY homeowners and new builders because of the inexpensive wood material they use. Custom wood railings can also be fabricated by professional railing suppliers to complement an elegant staircase design. They require adequate care and maintenance. They can last at least 10 years.

Metal Railings

An inexpensive way to add some style, metal interior railings usually consists of iron, steel, or powder-coated aluminum. They are strong and stylish, easier to maintain, and won’t break the bank as a homeowner.

Wire Railings

Also called cable railings, wire railings provide for an open design. The cables’ horizontal arrangement makes wire railings unique. The cables can be combined with either a wood or metal frame to compliment both a traditional and modern style. The cost of a wire railing can be comparable to that of a metal or glass railing, but with the potential to last longer.

Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless steel railings use stainless steel for their rails. They have flexible designs, use stainless steel posts and rods that can be both vertical and horizontal. Stainless steel railings may also use wire infill.

Glass Railings

They use glass panels instead of balusters for infill. Glass railings using clear glass provide a clear view but the glass panels can also have the option for decorative etchings or a color tint.

What to Consider in Choosing Interior Railings

Understanding the features, benefits, and disadvantages of the different types of railings can make you well informed before deciding to purchase.

1. Safety: You should be most concerned with safety. Consider the safety of use and local building code requirements in your area including factors such as the type of safety glass allowed when you choose railings.

2. Maintenance: Consider the maintenance needs so the railings can always look clean and new and be highly functional.

3. Budget and Cost: The money you will spend should meet your budget expectations and at the same time provide your home interior the improvement in style and function you desire.

4. Installation: The installation of railings can make or break your home improvement. Improperly installed, your railings can be an eyesore and dangerous. Get the services of an experienced railings service company.

Pros and Cons of Glass Railings

Glass is becoming one of the most popular materials for decorative construction applications. There is no doubt glass can bring the visual appeal you want from your structure such as stairs railings but is it safe and practical to use?

Here are the advantages of using glass railings for the interior of your home:

1. More Lighting: Glass panels allow natural light to flow through and reach your steps without any shadow, which can reduce the need for artificial lighting.

2. Safety: They are safe even when used in staircases. The thick tempered glass used in them is not likely to shatter or break. They also keep small children and pets from falling off the edge of the staircases. Clear steps from enhanced lighting also reduce the chances of tumbling downstairs.

3. Unrestricted View: The glass panels do not block off any view in your home interior that you want to be seen.

4. Enhanced Style: Glass railings create a modern luxurious vibe that enhances the style of your staircase and home.

5. Easy Maintenance: You only need to keep them clean to maintain their great condition at all times.

6. Environmentally Friendly: Coming from sand, glass takes nothing from the earth’s natural resources and leaves nothing during processing.

For the disadvantages, you should also consider the following:

1. Lots of Cleaning Required: If you want to keep glass railings always looking clean, transparent, and beautiful, you will need to clean them regularly. They’re not the easiest thing to clean.

2. Price: Standard balustrades such as timber, steel, and others are more affordable. With pricing on the higher end, the cost of glass railings is a tradeoff against the many benefits they provide.

3. Lack of Privacy: When compared with other opaque railings, you are fully exposed when you climb or go down the staircase.

You have many reasons to install glass railings in your home’s interior. With their sleek appearance, they offer a modern aesthetic to any style of home. The open concept feel they bring brightens up space and encourage a fresh, airy atmosphere. They also provide a visual appeal that can increase the value of your home.

Most importantly, they address the concerns on durability and safety. The tempered safety glass with polished wedges normally used in glass railings is four times stronger than regular glass. They do not warp, rot, or deteriorate; they can support your staircases for many years to come.

glass shower enclosure for your bathroom

Your Guide to Choosing Glass Shower Enclosures for Your Bathroom

glass shower enclosure for your bathroom

Glass shower enclosures should be designed and installed to suit their purpose. They should provide a stylish and practical showering solution that will freshen up your space and increase relaxation.

With so many options available in the market today, choosing the right shower enclosure is not that easy. Like any other decisions you make involving investments for your home improvement, careful planning and research must be done so you end up with the best solution that will give you the most benefits.

There are many factors you should consider such as your renovation budget, types of shower glass, and finish. The cost of your glass shower will depend a great deal on the style, size, and shape of the enclosure. A custom design tub-and-shower combo and walk-in shower will be more costly than a small en suite. The quality of the glass for showers, the complexity of the shower design, and the cost of installation can impact your budget significantly.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Glass Shower for Your Bathroom

There are six important factors to consider when choosing the perfect shower enclosure suited for your bathroom.

1. Renovation Budget

The first major consideration in any remodeling or renovation in your home is your budget. No matter what your style preferences are and how grand your plan is, you will be limited by your budget. Align your plan to your budget. This means you need to choose from among the types of shower glass with the price range that suits the amount you are willing to spend. Many glass shower styles fit in your current space. Selecting one of them is cost-effective. You need to consider in your plans not just the cost of the glass shower but also installation, which can depend on the complexity of the job and your location.

You can opt to spend a little more if your shower glass upgrade can bring dramatic transformation to your bathroom and can add value. You can consider glass with a unique texture or pattern or a custom design.

2. Bathroom Space

It is best to maintain a static footprint in your bathroom especially if you are satisfied with your bathroom configuration. You can determine the type of shower enclosure to use in your upgrade by deciding to follow your existing bathroom layout and footprint. You avoid spending more on a different shower enclosure configuration, relocating other fixtures, and extra project completion time.

Depending on your budget, you can renovate to convert your tub-and-shower combo into a walk-in glass enclosure while maintaining the existing footprint. With an added cost, you can improve your home’s value.

3. Shower Glass

There is a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to types of shower glass for your bathroom. Safety glazing should be the foremost consideration when choosing glass for showers, especially for doors. Tempered glass, the most common shower glass used in bathrooms, shatters into small pellets rather than shards when it breaks, avoiding significant injury to people.

Though not common in door glass for showers, laminated glass is a much stronger glass. It is made from at least two pieces of glass and one plastic interlayer forming a glass sandwich. The interlayer material holds the glass in place when it breaks, keeping it from falling out. The disadvantage with a glass shower that utilizes laminated glass is it is prone to lamination over time when exposed to moisture. This makes tempered glass the most preferred choice.

4. Your Decorating Style

You can have your style preference show in your choice of the perfect enclosure. You can adopt different shapes such as boxy rectangles and curved semicircles for your enclosures to highlight your bathroom’s design scheme and your aesthetic taste. If you want to bring moiré light to your bathroom, an upgrade of your existing shower by adding a glass shower enclosure can help you with your objective.

Among the options you can have include sliding, hinged, and pivot doors, bypass shower doors, and framed door options with glass thickness, typically 3/16 or ¼ inch. The common frame material is aluminum that can be painted, coated, or finished in a range of different colours. Frameless doors do not have supporting frames and are therefore made thicker like 3/8 or ½ inch, making them among the most expensive types of shower glass.

5. Shower Hardware

It is best to match hardware for your showers such as cabinet handles, towel bars, and faucets to your shower door for a more inviting space.

6. Your Bathroom’s Functionality and the Foot Traffic

If it is frequently used by many people, your shower must be designed in a way that it can withstand everyday knocks, bangs, and slams. The materials used should be able to resist wear and tear. The shower should also be easily accessible by its intended users, including older people and children.

New Town Glass is the expert that can help you toward a selection of the perfect glass shower enclosure for your style and budget. Call us for a free consultation.

glass installation dos and don'ts

Dos and Don’ts in Glass Installation

glass installation dos and don'ts

Glass installation may seem simple enough to be a DIY project. However, glass is a fragile and sensitive material to work with. Unlike steel, aluminum, wood, and other materials, glass requires extreme care in handling and processing. Minor mistakes can cost you dearly.

Whether installing glass for the replacement of your windows, doors, or other glass structures, you should consider some important factors that can help you make your glass installation successful and hassle-free.

Make the most of your important investment by following these helpful tips when installing glass for your home improvement.

What You Should Do When Installing Glass

1. Explore your options.

Explore the design and material options for your home glass structures. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your existing windows, doors, and other enclosures at home. The technology has come a long way since your last installations. There are several styles available today that can enhance your home’s aesthetics and add significant financial value to your home. For your windows for example, aside from the traditional casement windows you may have, more modern styles have developed such as slider windows, bay windows, and bow windows.

There have been great advancements in the glass as well. Glass products with Energy Star seal can make them achieve the highest energy efficiency. They can likewise have energy-saving features such as argon gas, krypton gas, low e-glazing, and more. You can ask an experienced glass installer for the best options for your type of home.

Your glass selection can also include clear glass, tempered, and tinted or obscure glass, which are generally available in bronze or grey.

2. Consider the benefits of dual or triple pane technology.

38% of heat loss is through windows and doors in average homes. This may increase to 50% if your home has drafty single-pane windows. Upgrading to a dual-pane or triple-pane design can’t just increase energy efficiency, it can also provide sound-blocking benefits, that can help you sleep more soundly. It is especially useful when your home is located on a busy street or with loud neighbors.

3. Consider the impact of resistant glass.

If you live in an area prone to severe storms or on a golf course, impact-resistant laminated glass is a smart investment. Stronger than tempered glass, It is extremely difficult to penetrate.

4. Handle with care and be gentle.

The sides or edges of the glass are where it is most vulnerable. Avoid impacting them. Cleaning the glass with a mixture of ordinary dish soap and water with a sponge will suffice, followed by a soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth to buff it dry. Stubborn dirt and stains may be removed with a glass cleaner and damp cloth.

5. Observe safety during glass installation.

Consider installing a film on glass windows that can hold a broken glass.

6. Adjust with shims.

Adjustments can be made with shims installed at all anchor points and anywhere necessary to keep the unit correctly in place.

7. Seal all joints.

Seal all joints with caulk or sealant on the interior and exterior.

8. Hire a reputable contractor.

Glass windows and glass doors are only as good as their installation. When you have chosen the best-suited style for your need and requirements, you’ll need a professional glass installer for a high-quality and proper glass installation. Choosing just any glass service provider cannot guarantee you flawless workmanship. You may not achieve better functionality and improved energy efficiency, the reason for your new glass installation or replacement to begin with.

Seek out manufacturers with warranties that cover the frame, sash, and insulating glass units of your window. Likewise, if hiring a window installer, make sure to request paperwork that assures you that the entire installation team is bonded and insured.

What You Should NOT Do When Installing Glass

1. Don’t use abrasive solutions.

Using washing powder or cleaning solutions containing abrasives can scratch and damage the glass surface.

2. Don’t assume correct measurements.

Most manufacturers offer standard size windows and doors to closely match existing units. Before removing the existing unit for replacement, double-check the measurements for fit. Make sure the replacement unit fits into the opening level, plumb, and square, on both sides.

3. Don’t ignore chips and small cracks.

Mind even small chips and cracks that appear on the glass surface. They can weaken the glass that can subsequently cause the entire piece to shatter.

4. Don’t do the job yourself.

Some people are tempted to do glass installation themselves even when they do not have the experience and the right tools to perform proper glass installation. In their desire to save a little by doing the glass installation job themselves, they end up spending much more than they expect because of poor quality workmanship that usually entails reworking. What’s worse is when their lack of experience results in serious structural integrity or safety issues. Unless you have advanced carpentry skills, have done similar home improvement projects before, and have the right tools for the job, leave major technical activities such as glass installation and replacement to the expert glass installer certified to do the job.

Contact New Town Glass for professional, high-quality glass services. With us, you are guaranteed proper glass installation so your money doesn’t go to waste.