wine cellar glass for your home

Should You Build a Custom Glass Wine Cellar?

wine cellar glass for your homeIf you are fond of drinking wine, whether regularly or occasionally, then you should already know how important a wine cellar or wine room is. A wine cellar plays an important role in storing your favorite wines to be able to age them to perfection and make them ready for consumption during a special occasion with special guests or just on a random day to enjoy it for your own pleasure.

Whether you’re collecting hundreds of bottles of wine or you have a few dozens, the question you may be asking yourself is if you need to have a dedicated wine room for your favorite drink and how would it look like. If you can’t decide how to build your wine cellar, let this article guide you in building your custom wine cellar.

Do You Need to Have a Wine Cellar?

If you have at least a few bottles of wine lying around the house which you wouldn’t consume all at once in the next few days or weeks, and if you are planning to add more bottles to what you already have, then yes, it is a good decision to have your own wine room where you can properly store your wines.

Having an exclusive wine room at home comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some:

1. It prevents spoilage.

While wines can last for a long time, remember that they are still made of fruit, which makes them perishable goods. By having a wine cellar, you can prevent the spoilage of wine and allow it to age perfectly. When maintained properly, your wine room will protect your wine bottles from getting too much heat and light, which over time, may lead to changes in taste and complexion, as well as spoilage.

2. Ideal for collection and display.

Any wine connoisseur or collector will be proud to display their extensive selection of wine bottles that come from different years and places. With a wine cellar, especially if it’s a glass wine room, wine enthusiasts will have a perfect place that will allow them to not only show off their wine collection but also arrange their bottles of wine in a particular order for easy choosing and identification.

3. It improves the quality of wine.

Under the right conditions, including temperature, light, and humidity, a well-built wine cellar can help improve the quality of wines stored in it and ensure that they mature the way they should. Proper storage can have a massive impact on the flavor, aroma, and overall complexion of a bottle of wine.

Having said these, it is indeed beneficial to have a wine cellar in your home, especially if you intend to keep several bottles, grow your collection, and/or have them age for years.

Benefits of Getting a Custom Built Wine Cellar Glass

There are many types of wine storage you can choose from, but getting a wine cellar glass has many advantages. If you are planning to have your wine room built and customized, consider the following reasons for getting a glass wine room.

1. Glass exudes beauty and elegance.

A glass wine storage looks amazing, especially since it can fully and clearly display your wine collection. It is built to work with your home and your home’s interior, plus it will definitely add to your home’s resale value.

2. A custom glass cellar allows you to organize your collection better.

Don’t you find it annoying when you’re looking for a particular brand or bottle of wine, but it takes you too much time to locate it? With a custom glass storage, you can find that special bottle quickly and easily.

3. Custom wine cellar glass comes with great features.

By having a custom-built glass cellar, you can instruct your contractors to add features that you like, such as multi-temperature zones that can be individually controlled and insulated glass doors that reduce heat transfer. These features will t will allow each bottle of your wines to reach its true potential.

4. Glass can easily be integrated into any environment.

Whether you choose to build your wine cellar in your home, at work, or in a commercial setting, glass provides an aesthetic appeal that levels up your interior design.

5. Finally, you have the final say on its look and feel.

By having your wine cellar custom-built with glass storage, cabinets, and doors, you have a wide variety to choose from. From compact storage to under-counter units to huge glass cabinetry, you can customize your wine room according to your preferences, requirements, and personal taste.

If you are ready to build your wine cellar glass, we can help you custom create the perfect storage for your wine collection. Contact our renovation specialists at New Town Glass and let’s discuss your ideas about how we can build the perfect glass wine room for your home.

do you need glass backsplash when you renovate your kitchen?

Kitchen Renovation Tips: Add Elegance to Your Kitchen Counter

do you need glass backsplash when you renovate your kitchen?

Renovating your home to increase the value and elegance is a great investment. One of the rooms that will surely benefit from renovation is your kitchen. Not only will you get most of your investment back in resale value, but it can also increase the chances of finding someone interested in your home, as the kitchen is one of the most important areas for prospective buyers.

Why Renovate Your Kitchen

If you’re thinking you don’t need a renovation because you’re not planning on selling your house, here are even more reasons why you should try to make your kitchen more elegant.

  • A more elegant kitchen can encourage more family time, as members of the household are drawn to the kitchen.
  • With an upgraded kitchen counter, it will be more comfortable and easy to prepare home-cooked meals, which will keep you and your family eating healthier, compared to ordering takeout.
  • An elegant, modern kitchen uses energy-efficient materials, which can save you on maintenance and energy costs.
  • A beautiful kitchen will make you feel more at ease when hosting a party or dinner
  • Choosing the right materials for your kitchen counters, like glass tile backsplash, can keep your cooking area more sanitary, which can protect against diseases

Affordable and Easy Tips on Renovating Your Kitchen

If the cost of remodeling is throwing you off, keep in mind that you don’t have to overhaul the entire kitchen to increase its visual appeal and elegance. Simply upgrading your kitchen counters and other simple affordable changes can make a whole lot of difference

1. Use light wisely.

You’ll be surprised what a little well-placed lighting can do for your kitchen. Light sets the ambiance of the kitchen, so choose lighting fixtures that complement your kitchen design and gives you enough illumination when you’re working. A well-illuminated kitchen looks instantly more elegant than a dimly lit one.

For more energy-efficient lighting, you can renovate to add bigger windows that let natural ambient light in. Soft natural light will look marvelous when it hits a painted glass backsplash, which will instantly escalate your kitchen’s elegance.

2. Do not use synthetic materials.

Nothing ruins the elegance of your space than artificial materials, such as plastic adhesive sheets imitating a glass tile backsplash. They may look nice now, but given the high heat and humidity situation in the kitchen, they will soon show signs of wear and accumulate dirt and grime, which will make your kitchen look worse than when you started.

Since the counters and backsplash are the high-pressure areas in the kitchen, why not invest in authentic glass tile backsplash? They may be pricier but they last for years or even decades which can save you more in the long run.

3. Your kitchen countertop doesn’t have to be expensive.

Expensive does not automatically mean elegant. Although marble and granite countertops are the standard of elegance in the kitchen, they can be quite expensive. It may be wiser to opt for cheaper, yet elegant looking alternatives. Customized ceramic, laminate, or wood tiles or solid wood can look just as classy when styled effectively. Pair mid-range countertops with glass tile backsplash and you’ll get a kitchen that looks expensive without burning through your budget.

4. Play with colors.

Try to add a dash of color that will make your kitchen more visually appealing. Colored cabinets can go out in and out of style but painted glass backsplash below a neutral-colored cabinet is timeless. It can draw the eyes and make your design pop, giving your kitchen a modern elegant look.

Glass backsplash is robust, hygienic and they go well with any theme you are going for in your kitchen. You can choose from a plethora of colors with different shades to create your own masterpiece in the kitchen that expresses your personality.

5. Choose sanitary materials that can withstand the heat.

Your kitchen counter and its surroundings are where you prepare and cook food to serve your family, so choose materials that are elegant and practical at the same time. Painted glass backsplash does not need to be sealed or removed, hence it does not stain or get any mold or bacteria stuck in between seams and grout, unlike regular tiles, hence it is easier to keep clean. The material is also durable and it can withstand high heat and pressure without wearing out.

Get Your Painted Glass Backsplash Professionally Installed

Glass backsplash can be expensive, but it is well worth the investment given its durability and practical and aesthetic benefits. Make sure it is installed professionally by experts who can go around obstacles, prevent breakage, and handle delicate materials, so your kitchen can last for decades. Visit New Town Glass for more information on kitchen glass backsplash installation.

glass wine case

5 Benefits of Using Glass for Your Wine Case

glass wine case

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur intending to store wine for decades or you collect wines as a hobby and drink them casually every weekend, you are probably thinking about installing a wine case for your wine collection. A well-fitted and properly installed wine case can both be practical in preserving the quality of your wine and it can be visually appealing too. It not only increases the value of your house but also draws the eyes of your guests, giving your house that “wow” factor.

Tips on How to Properly Store Wine

Before deciding on whether it’s time to invest in high-quality wine storage in your house it’s best to understand how to properly store wine, so you can make more informed decisions.

1. Keep the temperature steady.

To preserve the aroma and flavor of your wine, make sure to avoid fluctuating temperatures. It’s best to have wine storage in temperatures between 45°F to 65°F to avoid the risk of aging your wines quickly as a result of too hot temperatures or damaging the integrity of the cork and the bottle as a result of too cold temperatures.

2. Avoid harsh lights.

UV light from the sun and even bright fluorescent lights can make your wines age faster. So try to store your wines in the cellar away from direct sunlight. If you’re not planning on keeping your wines for years, storing them in a glass wine case in the house will be fine, as long as it is not directly under the sun, wine glasses are already tinted to prevent potential UV damage.

3. Check the humidity.

It’s best to keep the humidity level in your wine storage to make sure it is between 50 to 80 percent. Dry air can dry out the cork and let air in the bottle, while too humid conditions can cause mold to grow around the bottles and ruin labels.

4. Keep the bottles horizontal.

How to store wine in the wine storage? Store them on their sides is the best way. Not only does it save you space without looking too cramped, but it also prevents the cork from drying out ruining the quality, taste, and aroma.

5. Keep it stable.

An unstable wine case can be a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure your wine case is properly installed and placed where there are minimal vibrations, as constant and significant movement can cause chemical reactions in the bottle.

Why Use Glass for Your Wine Case

So you decided to get custom wine storage in your house, but you’re not sure if the glass wine case is the best choice for your house. Here are some of the reasons that might just convince you:

1. Glass is timeless.

Glass enclosure in wine cellars or glass case displayed in the middle of the house transcends time. It draws the eyes, making it a stand out functional piece that subtly invites any guest in and introduces an atmosphere of sophistication. Glass wine cases in the house exude timeless elegance that will go with any theme of the house’s interior design.

2. Glass wine case can upgrade a dull interior.

If you already have wine storage but you want to modernize the look of our interior, adding glass walls, doors or enclosures is just the touch of modern that you will need. Glass goes with any material and it can modernize an old-fashioned wine case. A classic rustic mahogany wine rack can look ultra-modern with glass enclosures that display both the wines and the elegant wood. Metal racks can look less industrial, and more residential, homey, and elegant with glass walls.

3. Glass allows visual access.

Since wines are sensitive to temperature changes, movement, light, and humidity having glass enclosures allow you to view your wines and choose the one you want without having to constantly open and close the doors of the enclosure.

4. Glass wine case can bring personality to a space.

Glass wine cases are no longer just for storage but it has become a beautiful statement of the homeowners’ love of wine and personality. An elegant glass wine enclosure can express contemporary elegance, or it can embrace traditional designs. The beauty of glass is that it can be a statement on its own, or it can amplify the style of its surroundings.

5. Glass is perfect for both passive and active wine storage.

Whether you’re artificially controlling the surroundings for long-term wine storage or you’re just looking to casually store your wines in the room, glass wine cases work well with both scenarios. With modern glass technology, design, and installation, the best Kelowna wine glass cases can help control the elements so you’ll have the optimal conditions for your wine storage.

With its versatility, timelessness, and extraordinary visual appeal, you can never go wrong with glass wine cases in your home or commercial space. If you’re wondering how to store wine using the best Kelowna wine glass case installation, visit our website to learn more.

glass railings for your home

Should You Opt for Glass Railings at Your House?

glass railings for your homeAre you building a new house or you’re renovating your house? Are you currently thinking if glass railings are right for you? It’s not an easy decision, especially for those who know very little about installing and maintaining glass railings. It’s best to read up and learn more about railing glass to find out if it’s the right choice for your house.

Types of Glass Railings

You can opt to have interior glass railings if you are particularly concerned about privacy. Try stairway, mezzanine, or loft glass railings that all look elegant and sophisticated and goes well in any interior design theme.

If you want to increase the curb appeal of your house, opt for exterior ones for your outdoor steps, deck, rooftop, balcony, porch, or patio. Exterior glass railings can instantly make your house look modern.

They can be attached or mounted in several ways, each one has their appeal and all of them are equally durable when installed properly:

Base Rails

Glass can be attached using a base rail and a top railing which allows you to use unimpeded glass panels, which provides a clear visual view and appeal. You can also opt for topless glass railings, wherein a base rail supports the frameless panels.

Pins or Talons

Glass panels can be attached using pins on the sides or talons at the base to support them vertically. For some styles, frames are needed to supplement the system for better durability, but they offer a clean and uninterrupted look. Talons are perfect for exterior glass railings as they allow better water runoff.

Posts and Clamp

Some glass railings need posts and use clamps to attach to the posts. It is not as visually clean as the other styles, but they offer higher durability and you can choose from different materials for your posts so you can complement your design.

Things to Consider Before Getting Glass Railings

To know for sure that glass railings will work for your house, keep in mind some of these considerations before you decide.

1. Safety

Exterior railings are sturdy and safe, and they provide your kids with an unobstructed view without needing to climb over it, which makes them safer for kids to enjoy. Another thing to consider is how they are attached; those with large enough gaps at the base may pose some risks for children and pets, so keep that in mind.

2. Budget

Glass railings are relatively more expensive than other railing materials like steel, aluminum, iron, and wood, so if you’re on a budget, the glass may not be the best choice for you. If you want to invest in your house to increase its resale value, you can splurge on topless railings that will make your house more elegant and valuable.

3. Visual Appeal

Glass railings can go with any interior design and they work especially well with modern minimalistic styles. It makes space feel more open which creates the illusion of a bigger space. It also allows for more natural lighting that helps in making the colors of your designs pop with vibrancy. It can offer uninterrupted stunning views from the inside while also making your house look sleek and modern from the outside.

4. Maintenance and Cleaning

If you’re looking for materials that do not need too much effort for maintenance and upkeep, glass railing is the perfect choice for you. They are easy to clean with the use of water, soap, and sponge occasionally, and they do not collect any mildew and mold, unlike other railing materials. Although If you have pets and children, you may need to clean them more often.

5. Privacy

Consider how private you want your balcony, deck, porch, or patio to be, as glass railings offer uninterrupted views from both sides. Keep in mind that people from the street can easily view what’s going on inside, so if you want to keep your interiors private, clear type may not be the best choice for you. If you want the light that glass railings can bring to your house, there are a variety of textures and finishes to choose from, which have the same elegance but blur the light so you can still enjoy your privacy.

6. Installation

Unlike other railing materials, glass railings require professional installation to ensure safety and durability. It is not something that amateur and skilled home renovators can simply do. If you are doing a DIY renovation for your home, it will be better to work with materials that are less delicate to handle. If you want the elegance and sophistication that they bring, call expert service providers like New Town Glass.

For an interior or exterior that never fails to wow, you’ll never go wrong with glass railings. They offer clean lines that look elegant and sophisticated. With its unparalleled beauty, most homeowners dream of having them for their homes. Always note that installation and quality of materials are the most important aspects of having durable, safe, and beautiful glass railings that will last for decades.

Glass shower doors for your bathroom

Renovating Your Bathroom? Here are the Types of Shower Doors You Can Choose From

Glass shower doors for your bathroomThe bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house. You use the shower every day for an average of 15 minutes per shower. It’s one of the most relaxing places in your house, so why do you spend this time in an old shower with leaky and dirty shower curtains, when you can invest in high-quality shower enclosures and doors that have high-quality water barrier system? There is a lot to consider in choosing the best shower door for your bathroom.

Shower Door Movement

When it comes to choosing the best shower door for your bathroom space, consider how you would like to open and shut your shower door. This may depend on the available space and your personal preference.

1. Bypass Doors

Bypass shower doors, or simply called sliding shower doors are perfect for shower areas and bathrooms with limited space, as you don’t have to worry about door swing area. Bypass doors work by using aluminum tracks at the bottom and at the top of the opening glass panel. The glass panel slides in front of another glass panel when opening or closing the door.

Although this type of door is sturdy and easier to install, it can be difficult to keep clean as water and grime often collect by the tracks, which can make sliding more difficult, if not maintained properly.

2. Pivot Doors

Pivot or swing doors, often involve a side-mounted hinged glass door that pivots. This type of door is often more complicated to install, but since there are no overlaps between door and panel, cleaning is a lot easier. However, hinged doors need to be exact in terms of swing area, thus, not all bathrooms can have room for this type of shower door.

3. Doorless Walk-in Showers

If you’re not a fan of sliding or swinging doors for your shower and clean up is just too much for you, modern doorless showers might be something to consider. This often uses a half wall, usually made of glass to keep the water from splashing to the rest of the bathroom.

Consider doorless showers if you have enough space in the shower to keep the water from spilling out from the opening. This takes strategic design to ensure that space, floor, showerhead, and drain, all work together to contain the water within the shower area.

Shower Door Attachment

How do you like your shower doors attached to the rest of the enclosure walls of the shower? Consider the pros and cons of going frameless, framed, or semi-frameless on your shower doors.

1. Framed Shower Doors

A framed shower door has metal around it, usually made of aluminum or composite material. Framed doors are common for sliding doors as metal is often where the tracks are. There are also some designs that feature pivot doors with frames. Framed doors are practical because of their sturdiness and it’s relatively easier to install. However, they can be difficult to clean because of the corners and nooks that are harder to reach.

2. Semi-frameless Shower Doors

Semi-frameless shower doors have the metal attachment that is characteristic of framed doors, however, the metal is not found entirely around the door. Metal attachments are either found on top and bottom of an otherwise frameless door, for bypass shower doors, or just on the side where the hinges are, for pivot doors.

3. Frameless Shower Doors

Touted for their elegance and practicality, frameless shower doors may be the best shower glass for you if you like the sophisticated style with easy cleaning. However, frameless shower doors are the most complicated to install as the thick frameless glass is only attached through hinges or headers. For professional installation, check out New Town Glass

Shower Glass Finish

To choose the best shower glass finish for you, consider your personal style, your interior design, and your privacy preferences. Here are some of the most popular and elegant glass finish you can choose from:

1. Clear

Clear glass is a classic choice for shower doors. It can make your bathroom look larger as there is no visual obstruction between the shower and the rest of the space. It is sophisticated and elegant, but it does not offer much in terms of privacy.

2. Tinted

Tinted glass may be the best shower glass for you if you want a little privacy and boundary but not fully hide the interior of your shower. Bronze or gray tints are the classic choices for tinted shower doors.

3. Patterned

Patterned or textured glass has various embossed patterns that offer visual and tactile decoration to your bathroom. It allows for higher privacy without compromising light transmission. Try Rain, Barock, or Bubbles pattern or opt for the sophisticated Berman glass patterns like Aqui and Esto.

4. Frosted

Frosted glass lets some light pass through but still gives you the privacy that you need as the light is scattered resulting in a blurred image. You have a variety of options on how opaque you want your frosted glass to be. Opt for satin glass for minimal blurring or acid etched glass for higher light scattering.

Whatever style, attachment, or finish you choose for your shower door, the most important aspect to consider is the installation. Hire expert professionals who can handle delicate glass and install them with preciseness. Visit New Town Glass to learn more.

Glass adds beauty and elegance

How Glass Adds Beauty and Elegance to Your Home

Glass adds beauty and elegance

If you’re looking to add that wow factor in your home, consider utilizing the elegant factors that glass seems to exude. You can use glass in different ways that will not only add value to your house’s interiors but also create a space that will make you feel luxurious, happy, and relaxed.

Here are some of the ways different types of glass can make your home more elegant and beautiful:

1. It can highlight your space.

In most houses, especially the ones in the city, or suburbs, optimizing your space is a must. Larger spaces that are well designed always look more luxurious and elegant than spaces that look cramped.

Glass walls or glass panels can emphasize the space in your house, making it appear larger, as it creates a balance of light and space between the interior and the view from the outside. It can provide visual accessibility in between rooms since glass panels blur boundaries and create a more unified space that’s more welcoming and relaxing, rather than a rigid and tight space.

2. It exhibits modern minimalism.

Modern elegance is centered on creating designs that emphasize clean lines and furnishings that speak for themselves without the clutter of unnecessary extra details that only add visual noise to the space.

Frameless glass installation greatly reduces noise to achieve the clean form and design that speaks with quiet confidence and luxury, which are reminiscent of the soothing and inviting atmosphere of modern-day minimalism.

Frameless glass doors, walls or railings, and other types exude simplicity in detail but provides the sophistication in the way it plays with light, minus the complications of decorations that clutter the visual field.

3. It emphasizes your house’s character.

Every house has a unique quality, character, and personality. Having a house with plenty of light and space can elevate the house’s innate character by highlighting it’s design and interior minus the distractions and clutter. Glass walls, skylights, and windows let plenty of ambient light in, which delicately compliments the house.

Glass applications allow natural light inside, which is the perfect light to view color in the interior. The warm and bright light from outside accentuates minute color differences even in neutral shades. Colors appear more vivid but not washed out, making your designs more visually appealing.

Glass has the unique ability to assume the character of its surroundings, thus, it can actively highlight your house’s value by drawing the eye to your interior to let your unique sophisticated style shine through.

4. Glass designs go with technology.

With modern smart homes utilizing the technological innovation of home automation, it’s not surprising that interior design, architecture, and technology come hand in hand when it comes to creating a technologically advanced luxury home.

Modern technology always comes with a modern design. Having a home that utilizes a glass installation is equated with modern luxury automated homes. Such designs complement order, symmetry, and geometry of modern technology, thus, your home immediately looks ultra-modern and futuristic just with simple glass applications.

5. It complements your lifestyle.

Glass installations are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serve practical purposes that increase the comfort and luxury that you would feel inside the house.

Depending on your lifestyle, it can serve a practical purpose to make life more convenient, while looking classy.

From frameless glass railings on swimming pools to glazing on the roof for stargazing to energy-efficient glass windows that will make you feel closer to nature, glass panels eliminate visual barriers between rooms and between the inside and the outside without sacrificing practical benefits of barriers, such as insulation and privacy.

6. It provides eco-friendly comfort.

Homes are elegant not only because they are beautiful to look at, but because they are also a delight to live in. Different types of glass installations work to make an elegant house a comfortable space for the inhabitants. It helps in providing ventilation though movable windows, sliding doors, and roof panels that can help transform the feel and quality of the space, without the need for energy-consuming artificial ventilation.

As for insulation, it offers an elegant yet eco-friendly alternative to artificial heating because of its natural property to store heat. Modern technology such as solar and heat film coatings can improve the insulation property of glass in your home which can make it more sustainable, warm, and cozy. Check out the energy-efficient windows here for more information.

Glass installations are timeless pieces of beauty that certainly evokes the feeling of quiet affluence transcending all styles. They can look equally as elegant in a futuristic home, just as well as in a historic Victorian house. Elegance and beauty of this material depend on the quality of material and the preciseness of the installation. Make sure to hire experts from New Town Glass when installing glass, as this process can make or break the elegant look that you are going for.

bathroom renovation and shower glass installation

Bathroom Renovation Tips: Do I Need Shower Glass Enclosure?

bathroom renovation and shower glass installation

The design and functionality of a bathroom can make or break a person’s opinion and mood about the whole house. A properly designed bathroom has the power to make the inhabitants feel relaxed and pampered after every shower or bath. If you’re not currently happy with the way your bathroom looks, maybe it’s time for a much-needed renovation.

Why Upgrade Your Bathroom

Sure, a glass shower and a corner bath may look elegant but do you really need them? Why should you consider renovating your bathroom now, when the old one has been perfectly functional and usable?

Upgrading your bathroom is not just about aesthetics; it also improves the functionality and comfort of your bathroom, not to mention it can greatly increase your house’s value. Your new bathroom can be more energy-efficient, which saves you on energy expenses. It’s more hygienic and easier to clean which saves your family from dangerous diseases. You can also make it more accessible to allow aging family members to use it with ease. Furthermore, depending on how you renovate it, you can have more space to use and have more relaxing and pleasurable time in your bathroom, which improves overall well-being.

Smart and Practical Bathroom Renovation Tips

You don’t have to spend a fortune on renovating your bathroom. Consider these smart and inexpensive tips on how to make your bathroom feel glamorous and luxurious:

1. Invest in good fixtures.

Nothing defines the theme of your bathroom as well as a good tapware, shower, and toilet. Choose a shower that is energy efficient and has good water pressure. Depending on the theme you want for your bathroom, choose fixtures that provide high functionality, energy and water efficiency, and modern style.

2. Upgrade the lighting.

Lighting is essential in creating a relaxing atmosphere. If circumstances would allow it, opt for big glass windows or frosted glass walls if you don’t think your privacy will be compromised. Otherwise, modern artificial lighting can do wonders in creating a bright and luxurious feel in your bathroom.

If you’re only using a ceiling light, you may notice that it creates shadows on your face when you’re looking in the mirror, so add some overhead light above the mirror or modern sconces on both sides of the vanity.

3. Improve ventilation.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you should have sufficient ventilation to keep the room from fogging up. Keeping the moisture inside the house can be dangerous as it can damage the property and cause the growth of molds that are unsanitary and unsightly.

Make sure your bathroom has adequate airflow by installing bigger windows. Choose modern designs that are also functional and energy-efficient. If this is not doable, you can install a passive vent or a fan to allow free movement of air.

4. Paint it up.

Never underestimate the power of color. Just adding a lick of paint over your old tub can instantly make it look new and modern. Choose a light and neutral color for your walls, preferably a color that matches your floor, especially if the space is small. This creates a brighter space by eliminating the corners.

If you want to add more personality to your bathroom, try painting your cabinets and doors a bolder color which can make your bathroom more charming.

5. Use frameless glass shower enclosure.

There are many advantages to installing a glass shower enclosure or a glass shower door. Buy shower glass that is frameless so you can instantly elevate your bathrooms’ elegance and sophistication. You can opt for a sliding shower glass door or one that opens out depending on how much space you have.

The advantages of frameless shower glass are not limited to beauty, it is also hygienic and a lot easier to clean. Unlike shower curtains and framed shower glass, you can easily keep the frameless glass clean and free from mildew and mold, because of the absence of crevices. Furthermore, you can easily preserve the integrity of your bathroom floor by keeping them dry. Glass shower enclosures are designed not to let any water out of the shower area, thus making it easier for you to tidy up.

Frameless shower enclosures also make your bathroom more accessible for people with limited movement abilities as it allows you to forgo the step or ledge that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

Where to Buy Shower Glass for Your Bathroom Renovation

To achieve the classy look you want for your bathroom, getting the right professionals to install your glass shower doors and enclosure is crucial. You’ll need experts who can handle the delicate job of putting fragile glass firmly in place with the utmost care and perfect craftsmanship.

At New Town Glass and Window Renovations, we value safety and quality. We can help you improve your bathroom by installing bigger windows or floor to ceiling glass shower enclosures and doors or walk-in glass showers, depending on how you like to design your new bathroom. For more information on how to buy shower glass, visit our website.

Signs Your Home Needs Window Replacement

5 Signs Your Home Needs Window Replacement

Signs Your Home Needs Window Replacement

It is a common belief that glass window replacement is not that important, hence, it always falls last on the list of things to fix or replace in the house. Sturdy and high-quality windows can indeed last for years, even decades, without window replacement, but proper maintenance and prompt repairs are required.

For most homeowners, window replacement and glass updating only come to attention when the window is completely broken, but there are a lot of signs that you should look out for that tells you that it’s time to retire your old windows for new ones.

SIGN #1: The irregular temperature in the house

Feeling a sudden change in temperature in one of the rooms of your home may indicate a damaged or worn sealant or gasket, or maybe the windows were improperly installed, to begin with. Cracks on the glass are easily noticeable, but damages on the materials around the windows can be difficult to spot.

The irregular temperature in the house may also indicate poor insulation. Perhaps the window glass is single glazed which still allows significant heat transfer. Your heating system or air-conditioning may work extra hard to maintain the proper temperature that you are comfortable with, increasing energy consumption.

When you feel a draft of cold or hot air inside your house, even when all the windows are closed, it is time to call a trusted company that replaces windows.

SIGN #2: Dark and dull house

Lights are very powerful in creating a vibe of a place. Dark and dim houses or rooms can feel a little too constricting and dull, while bright rooms can create a more relaxed and positive atmosphere.

Natural light is an important element in making a house feel vibrant and happy, that’s why large and energy-efficient windows can instantly brighten up a house and the mood of the people living in it.

If you’re living in a dark house with small windows, chances are, you are consuming more electricity to brighten the place using artificial lights. Maybe it’s time to let the sunshine in and get glass updating.

SIGN #3: Difficulty in opening and closing windows

If opening and shutting your windows feel like a strenuous exercise, there’s something wrong with the window. They should be opened, shut, and locked with ease. Difficulty in movement may suggest that the mechanism may have some rust or the surrounding areas may have succumbed to wood rot. There may be a thick layer of paint that may be blocking the way, or the window lacks balance due to faulty installation.

These damages and defects can prevent your windows from locking properly, making your house an easy prey for opportunistic robbers. Immediate glass window replacement is necessary for these situations to restore the feeling of security while in your own house.

SIGN #4: Water damage and condensation

If your windows are leaking, you will notice signs of water damage such as chipped paint, wood rot, frame decay, cracks, and mold. You may also notice condensation and fogginess in between the panes of double or triple glazed windows. Faulty sealants, gaskets, and poor installation may be the cause of these water damages.

Letting these problems go on without fixing them may significantly damage your house’s structure and decrease the property value, so best to call a professional who replaces windows and get the extent of the damage assessed so they can do the necessary repairs or glass window replacement.

SIGN #5: Too much outside noise

Hearing the loud noise of cars and people outside can be uncomfortable especially if you’re trying to relax in your home. If the outside noise is too loud, your house may have single-pane windows that offer little soundproofing, or your sealants are defective.

Get glass window replacement and opt for energy-efficient triple-glazed windows that will help in reducing the noise, and it will also increase your privacy as it prevents your neighbors from hearing what goes on in your house.

Get Professional Glass Updating Service

If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s time to call a professional company that replaces windows.

Despite the potential cost of the materials and the installation, you will be saving a lot in the long run, when you opt for energy-efficient windows. Not only do they elevate the style and sophistication of your house, but they will also help in making the house more sustainable, thus increase its property value. You’ll feel safer, more secure, and comfortable and you’ll enjoy more privacy with updated windows.

New Town Glass and Window Renovations provides glass updating services and replaces windows that are damaged, failing, and dated with professionally installed modern, energy-efficient, and sustainable windows.

how to maintain glass and avoid glass repair

How To Properly Maintain Glass Windows and Doors

how to maintain glass and avoid glass repair

Your glass windows and doors can make your home look new or worn down depending on how well you maintain them. However, for most people, glass window or door care is often delayed or even put off until something breaks which leads to unnecessary glass repair. Don’t wait for someone who repairs glass to tell you that the damage is irreparable before you pay attention to your windows and doors.

Learn more about some tips on how to preserve your home’s beauty and style by caring for your glass windows or doors.

Why Do You Need Maintenance?

For most modern houses and buildings, glass windows and doors are perfect for improving sustainability by letting in more natural light; however, these large windows often get neglected because of the potential cost of repair. Unmaintained glass makes that house look old and decreases its perceived value. Broken window repair is relatively cheaper than the potential damage a broken window or door can bring such as leaks that can drastically damage a house and depreciate its value.

Doing regular maintenance and inspection can enhance the longevity of glass windows and doors, improve the lighting, increase the sense of security, prevent leaks and dirt build-up, and it can save some money on glass repair or replacement.

Tips on Maintaining Glass Windows and Doors

1. Clean windows properly.

Regular cleaning keeps the debris and dirt from accumulating. It is advisable to do it at least twice a year or after every storm or rain that can leave marks on your glass window. It’s best to use a microfiber cloth and non-corrosive cleaners. Make sure to use lubricating oil for movable parts that pose a difficulty.

2. Do a routine inspection.

The cost of calling someone who repairs glass can accumulate if done a lot of times, so it’s best to prevent any damage from becoming irreparable. To keep this from happening, identify and fix small damages them as soon as they start to show.

A routine inspection is preferably done by a professional, but as a homeowner, you can do it as long as you know what to look for. Check for the accumulation of debris and damages in the seals. Note if the movement of movable parts is smooth, and observe for any condensation. If you notice any damages, glass window repair should be carried out promptly.

Professionals specializing in broken window repair can do a more thorough inspection as they can evaluate every part of the window and doors including:

  • Glass
  • The material and coating of the frames
  • Handles, doorknobs, locks, hinges, latches, and other hardware
  • Weather-stripping
  • Gaskets and sealants
  • Any sign of leaks and water damage

3. Know when to get a glass repair or replacement.

If you can see visible damage on your glass windows or doors, it’s best to call a trusted company that repairs glass immediately before the small damage escalates into a bigger problem.

A glass window repair service provider can evaluate the extent of the damage and provide the necessary glass repairs that you will need to prevent any further damage.

Some signs that you should look out for that may indicate that you need a professional glass window repair or replacement service include the following:

  • Hot or cold air coming in from closed windows or doors indicate a broken window, sealant or gasket
  • High energy consumption may suggest you need to upgrade to more energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Any sign of water leak near or around the windows including chipped paint, or wood rot
  • Difficulty in moving, shutting and locking doors and windows
  • Seeing gaps from under the door or around the windows
  • Fogginess in between double glazed windows

As a property owner, seeing these signs may mean it’s time to call for a professional glass window repair service.

Frequency of Maintenance

A well-maintained and properly installed glass window or door can last for more than 30 years without needing glass repair services. Generally, inspection and maintenance should be done twice a year but the frequency can vary depending on various elements. For instance, a large window facing an ocean on a high building will get more rain, wind, and abrasive dust than a small window facing the city, thus, the former may need more attention and more frequent broken window repair services.

Work with Professionals

When it comes to finding a company that repairs glass, it is important to find experts who are professionals at what they do. New Town Glass and Window Renovations have perfected the craft of glass repairs and replacement. Should you opt for more beautiful, modern, and energy-efficient windows and doors, learn more about our services here.