Kelowna Windsheild Repair

Kelowna Windshield Repair

Kelowna Windshield Repair is important because auto glass is a crucially important safety feature of your vehicle. The glass that surrounds your car protects you and your passengers from the wind and elements like dust, rain, snow and stray debris when you travel. It effectively shields you from dangers along the way.

While your car’s glass has been designed to withstand tremendous environmental stress, it can also break and be damaged. Kelowna Auto glass replacement is one critical job not everyone is qualified to do. You need an auto glass expert for a perfect job. You cannot afford to compromise your safety at any time with low quality and poorly installed auto glass.

Kelowna Windshield Repair

You can trust New Town Glass for a perfect auto glass installation. We are just as an expert with auto glass as with household and commercial glass structures. We have 15 years’ experience in the glass business, dealing with all items glass like glass doors, glass showers, glass windows, glass railings, glass tile backsplash and others for household and commercial applications and auto glass for cars and other vehicles.

We have been a quality service provider to all three segments of our market – residential, commercial and auto. Our track record with our clients in Kelowna, West Kalona, Penticton, and Vernon has made us their preferred partner for glass service jobs.

Our Auto Glass Services

We install, replace and repair auto glass for all types and makes of vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks and service vehicles, depending on their condition. Follow these guidelines to know whether replacement is advisable for your Kelowna auto glass.

• When the crack or chip that appears on the windshield is directly in the line of sight or affects the vision of the driver

• When the cracked or chipped area is about 3 x 6 inches in area (or about the size of a dollar bill)

• When there are three or more small defects on the auto glass.

• When the windshield is damaged apart from being old and worn out.

Our Kelowna auto glass service professionals will check the repairability of your auto glass and perform the needed service for the vehicle. When replacement is deemed necessary, we remove the damaged or broken glass completely and thoroughly clean the areas where the glass will be fitted.

We guarantee a perfect fit and leak protection for your car glass. We use OEM glass material for the brand and model of your vehicle to ensure your auto glass gets replaced with the same quality glass your car was originally installed with.


For glass installation, repair, or replacement services, trust only the experts who have a proven track record in the industry. New Town Glass Ltd provides the highest standard of glass installation and repair services. Call us now to get a free estimate and experience a top-notch Kelowna bathtub glass installation service from the experts.

We Deliver Specialty Glass Products Throughout The Okanagan Valley.

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