Kelowna Glass Doors

Kelowna Glass Doors

A glass door evokes the feeling of being cordially welcomed into one’s abode. It gives guests and house residents alike who enter a feeling of warmth and openness. It takes expertise to be able to install elegant glass doors, and you need a glass specialist for your glass door installation.  

Kelowna Glass Doors 

New Town Glass is a professional service provider for glass doors and other glass products for the home and commercial buildings. We have been in the glass business for over 15 years. The company’s philosophy of adding value through quality workmanship and excellent customer service has guided everyone in the organization in doing business. Our specialized team of door professionals is sought after by homeowners and business owners for the satisfaction it can provide customers all the time. Our track record with the hundreds of clients we’ve had all these years making us the preferred service provider for Kelowna glass doors. 

Our fully licensed and insured technical personnel can handle all types of doors including full glass and glass-paneled doors of various designs. We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools and the most effective methods to make sure you get a properly installed weather-tight door. We use the highest quality glass materials from the leading manufacturers in the glass industry,

Our Glass Doors Services

When you call for an appointment, we shall discuss your needs and preferences and recommend the most appropriate glass doors that will suit your requirements. This will ensure that you get the necessary information for you to make a wise decision on your Kelowna glass 

door. Upon consultation, we work on the choice of the best door designs suited to your house that meets your design preferences, technical requirements, and cost and timing targets. 

We work systematically and safely for a smooth and seamless job that will avoid any disturbance to your normal household or business activity, as much as possible. We clean up the work and leave it as it was before our installation.  

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Be among the countless clients who have experienced the highest standard of service and glass repair quality from us. Make us your partner in the installation and repair of your Kelowna glass doors. Call us for a free estimate now.


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