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Q: Why are your glass prices so much lower than the rest?

A: Our low pricing is due to the competitive edge of running a low overhead business.  The installation will still be of top quality and product warranties will be held to the global standard.


Q: How long does it take to replace a broken windowpane?

A: On average, the glass replacement takes several hours. We will first need to measure the failed/broken window glass and Get a quote from our glass suppliers.  In most cases we will schedule the replacement of your window glass for another day.


Q: What is the lead time for a glass shower door or enclosure?

A: Typically, 5-7 days on is standard wait time for custom shower glass. After we have sent the rough draft away the glass must be drawn up by an engineer. This process can take several business days. Then the shower glass is custom made at a factory by special CNC machines with glass cutting tools. Once we have received your shower glass we will call you for installation same day.


Q: Where are Shower glass enclosures manufactured?

A: Our glass manufacturing facilities are based in Vancouver, B.C.


Q: What type of glass is used in the manufacture of your doors.

A: New Town Glass uses tempered safety glass that meets or exceeds all applicable standards.




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